The Act of Decorating

The company specializes in combining different types of wood with different shades of colours to create efficient, functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing products for homes, offices and retail stores. The use of treated and seasoned wood ensures longevity. Every design receives its inspiration from the needs of the space and the client. Much akin to any design process, the team begins with an abstract idea or a concept. The next stage takes the idea through the journey of a concrete plan, a strategy via which the abstraction can become a reality. The client is then brought on board to select the type of wood, and the colour scheme. In case of a chair or sofa, the upholstery is picked next. Finally, the client is given a range of accessories from which the finishing touches are chosen – hinges, handles, nuts, bolts, beadings, etc. With a process like this, it is no wonder that each client goes home with an exclusive design suited to his/her particular tastes and preferences.

The company derives its name from a Sanskrit word meaning the “act of decorating”. The name is truly befitting because the Alankaram catalogue can decorate every room of your house, be it the living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, study, home office, foyer or balcony. Their products range from beds, chairs and sofas to cabinets, storage and workstations. Recently, the company launched a new series of customized doors and wall claddings.

The manufacturing plant in Delhi is equipped with machinery and tools from Germany, Italy, USA, Canada and Taiwan. With advanced equipment such as an automated seasoning plant, a chemical treatment plant for anti-borer treatment as well as spray & baking booths, the company is capable of delivering large orders in a matter of a few weeks. Alankaram strives to provide end-to-end solutions and take over the responsibility of furniture production in projects, leaving the architects and builders to focus on other aspects of design and construction.

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