Arnhem Coming Soon

Arnhem Coming Soon is an exceptional fashion & design store that focuses exclusively on Dutch designers. The assortment is a mix of work by young, up-and-coming talent and established names. The exclusive designs and the store’s attractive interior make a visit to Arnhem more than worthwhile. Thanks to the constant stream of new generations of designers – the inspiration for our name – Arnhem Coming Soon will always surprise you. We regularly stage presentations that put a new designer or product in the spotlight.

Arnhem Coming Soon is presenting:

Collectie Arnhem Product 2012, designed by ArtEZ’s third-year Product Design students with the overarching theme ‘ENJOY.BAD.WEATHER’, an allusion to the economic crisis ( ArtEZ Finals Product and Fashion 2012, a selection of work by the graduates of ArtEZ’s Product and Fashion Design ( ( Maykel Roovers, Casper Tolhuisen, Mark Sturkenboom, Job Willemsen, Eric Hullegie, Renee Verhoeven, Steven Visser, Frank Verkade, Thor ter Kulve, Mick van der Pluijm, Nienke van de Pol, Jef Montes, Eefje Wijnings)

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts was one of Arnhem Coming Soon’s initiators. A great many ArtEZ graduates carve out positions, nationally and internationally, as distinctive innovators in design practice. The Arnhem Coming Soon initiative also gives current students the opportunity to present their work to the critical consumer. 

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