Casted In Wax

Rooted in Gurgaon, Takshni is the brainchild of Richa Uppal, an alumnus of University of Arts (London) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (India). For her, Takshni is a revelation. She is a fashion designer who found her true calling in another area of design altogether; mixed-media and kinetic sculptures. Takshni brings two different strata of society together to create something unique, a decision she made on being acquainted with indigenous artists residing in the tribal belts of India during her MA research days.

Takshni stands for the chisel in Sanskrit; a tool for carving out tangible manifestations of creativity. Their moulded and chiselled alloys fused with stone, wood, iron, clay; mystifying intricacies and inherent richness of traditional crafts of our country epitomises artistic manifestations of creativity.

The brand has two verticals, the collection and the custom-made pieces which widen further into three categories: Smara, the gifting range; Vibhasa, the decor range and Ekam, the exclusive range.

Their only equipments are a set of gifted hands and some basic tools used by artisans based in Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal. The initial design is sketched first on paper and then converted on Autodesk software to create front, side and top view of the conceptualized sculptures. Once done, the artisans are given all the resources to mould, cut or engrave the design on the material which is going to be used.

They take rightful pride in working endlessly in the strangest of escapades for exploration of our traditional crafts to fuse it with lost wax casting with a view to discover the possibilities of the medium and push boundaries of being preconceived and precise. They offer a wide range of products like tea light holders, card holders, paperweights, coasters, handmade diaries, to name a few.

Today, the brand is at its seed stage where rural artisans are trying to create art pieces by adapting to applied science and technology. In the years to come, Takshni aspires to foster rural Indian artisan and create distinctive sculptures.

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