COLOUR ONE for MINI by Scholten & Baijings

On the occasion of the Dutch Design Week 2012 in Eindhoven, MINI the Netherlands presents the installation COLOUR ONE for MINI by Scholten & Baijings. This work by the internationally renowned Dutch design duo explores the design of a MINI One by examining its composition down to the smallest details and, in so doing, dissecting the design process per se.

The upshot is a thought-provoking and inspiring new interpretation that draws on the familiar stylistic devices of Scholten & Baijings – colour and material – to query the rules of automotive design and shed new light on them. Fascinated by the principle of concept cars, Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings set about deconstructing the MINI One. As MINI’s base model, the MINI One inherently and recognisably embodies all the hallmark attributes of the brand, thus presenting itself as the ideal vehicle for tackling fundamental issues concerning all aspects of MINI design. 

COLOUR ONE for MINI by Scholten & Baijings is staged in a stylised racing paddock. Since the process of lending shape to objects is the focus of this work, the exhibits are joined by showcases containing colour and material samples along with inspiring objects, images and snapshots from the creative process behind the installation.

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