Contemporary Is Temporary: A Tribute To Classic Architecture

The team at Scarecrow Advertising recently moved into their swanky new office at Ballard Estate in Mumbai. The precinct is an old European style business district situated in South Mumbai. Ballard Estate was originally designed by George Wittet and built in the Edwardian neoclassical style of architecture.

“I believe contemporary is temporary. Classic is forever. In the last, 10 years, technology and the digital revolution have changed human behavior, in terms of how we communicate, how we socialize, how we consume things and moreover how we create,” believes Manish Bhatt, the founder of Scarecrow Advertising who recently moved into this classic space.

As you enter the portals of the new office space you are greeted by the Regal Lion that stands guard .The design element resembles its counterparts present in the Grand Palace in Brussels, Tsarevets Fortress, VelikoTarnovo and the Hoffburg Palace in Vienna. Its rose windows resemble those present at the Cathedral of Carrera and the Lincoln Cathedral. The door knocker design is akin to the one present at 10 Downing Street. The meshwork in the lobby is reminiscent of the Mashrabiya style of jaali work in Persia.

The twenty three windows that adorn the office space have elliptical, segmental, lancet, equilateral pointed and tudor arch styles.Their old office at Fort had a similar classical ambience too. However, the new one has a much larger floor-space. It has a sixteen feet high ceiling in comparison to the shorter eleven feet one. It also has twice the number of windows and tons of character that serves as inspiration for the team. All this adds up to the folks at Scarecrow getting more breathing space and a positive environment to think and create.

Clean white open interiors with low hanging lights welcome the staff in. It’s quaint small round tables with an open plan office are designed to encourage interaction. The entire space is dotted with fifteen tall Corinthian pillars. The signages here are inspired by the font style on sailing ships; and as a final touch a hundred handpicked masterpieces of advertising are sprinkled across the office to remind them that good work lasts forever!

Often interesting architecture has a correlation with great historical moments. Scarecrow Advertising had an ambition to make their new office an architecturally interesting space that will host such significant historical moments of the careers of creative people.

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