DayZ Arma 2 x64 free download

DayZ Arma 2 x64 free download

DayZ is a mod for Arma IIwith providing military confrontation in the game of survival in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies. Day Zrequires original game Arma II to work to get izpolzvate.A relentless igraV Dayz, his only goal is to survive and to avoid changes in hersenen-gorgingzombie.Om do, will walk one city to another in search of food or weapons; Ifyou adapt to this hostile world, will morrerandhave to start from scratch!

Beware of sand zombies other players!Dayz multiplayer game where you have this huge world that delenmet other players. If you meet other people, their course your intentions are good or bad, or you are not alone or accompanied. Will have to be constantly alert, since a good partnership is the best way to start another surviveor igrachi.ZombiesZe, of course, the most obvious danger, but must be sempretomado with other players who may want a bullet though her head to her team. Fortunately fierce attack other playershumans is not the only option. Communicating with other players strategies enzoek needed to survive.

exceptional environment and atmosphere grafikiOkolnata DayZ is certainly better quality. The card is simply huge (you will have about an hour and a half to go from one to another), and are full of meadows, forests and dangers stedenvol.Os graphics are excellent, based on the engine of ARMA II, still a few tricks up its sleeve serious si.Geroite, objects and environments are impressive is;will once again surprised.

IgriDayz unique experience is a deep game and realistic under devastated. Ministry of Defence will give a second youth to Arma II and is completely free if you have the original game. His amust for those looking for something new.

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