The Opening Ceremony

As all arts, Architecture is perhaps the most visible and permanent embodiment of the aspirations, hopes and cultures of societies. From symbols of the past to more recent institutions that the country has acquired post Independence, cities are often identified by the architecture that dominates their consciousness.

The last few decades have been of breathless construction and upheavals in our understanding of urbanity. Globalization, new capital, and changing values and aspirations have fueled the change in the way we aspire to build the structures we inhabit.

13 firms across the country reflect about this change and question the direction in which we build, and what becomes of our cities.In a clear departure from the past, they dispense largely with technical jargon, and architectural drawings and instead adopt the language of poster designers and artists, to communicate their thoughts.In an exhibition that runs over a 100 meters in length, with models, installations and video clips they raise many ideas and address as many themes.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition brought together a room full of great minds in the field of architecture at The Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai, on 23rd February 2018 for the general public.The ceremony concluded with Ved Segan in conversation with Aniket Bhagwat.One cannot speak of the man without speaking of Prithvi Theatre, the 200 seater structure was the brainchild of one of India’s most respected architects and, above all, a man of ethics. His working style displays ethics at its epitome and that is precisely what sets him apart from his counterparts. Segan was a young man, full of life when he was entrusted with the Prithvi theatre project by Prithvi Raj Kapoor in the mid 70’s. The project opened its gates on November 5th, 1978. The vibe of the theatre screams art in the simplest, humblest way possible. This, when personified, is how one would describe Ved Segan, the man, the architect and the unpretentious human.

As he walked into the Death of Architecture Exhibition at the Nehru Science Centre just like any other visitor around him stopping to read the books for sale at the registration desk, unlike any other person of his stature, he emitted a casual aura that would ensure no one around him knew who they were really standing beside. It is rightly said that great men seldom seek recognition. 

In conversation with Mr Aniket Bhagwat, another renowned architect, whom Mr Segan accorded with a thoughtful present in the form the book, Beginning Experiences in Architecture. The duo went on to indulge in various anecdotes from his life and experiences in the field through the years that kept the audience allured.

This exhibition will travel across India this year in an effort to reflect and discuss with audiences solutions for our cities, better ways to build and the direction of the architecture profession.The Death of Architecture exhibition is partnered by Hansgrohe, the leading German bath fittings brand. The travel and events are supported by Design Owl, an online design platform. The exhibition is a ‘Not For Profit’ initiative by the participants.

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