Decor Tips To Welcome Autumn In Style

Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
― William Cullen Bryant (Indian Summer)


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Look around, the leaves are falling and the weather is turning on the best of its charms – it is autumn! Literary paeans aside, one great way of honouring this beauteous weather is by redecorating your home, bringing in the outsides and basking in their glory while lounging on your couch and sipping on a pumpkin-infused drink.

Autumn is so full of visual inspiration that it is almost hard to keep up. But we have some tips to make the best of this season in terms of interior design. Without any contest, warm colour tones must rule your home spaces, ideally lit by sublime overhead lighting hanging down from snaky strings. Bring in fresh flowers, conjure up foliage as much as possible, fill up some bowls with fresh potpourri, and if your location permits, get a great fireplace going. But most importantly, throw open those windows and let all the lovely light stream in!

Look Lived-in

Do the season a favour by letting your spaces be fluid and looking slightly less than well-pruned. Make your storage spaces open-shelved, and your cupboards faceless. Hang out your clothes on movable racks across a room, and let your kitchen china bask in some sunlight. This is the easiest mode of infusing whimsy and colour into your décor.

Break the Rules

Don’t stick to any interior design style template in its entirety. Mix flea market metal-ware with abstract art/typography frames and antique items if you like. Juxtapose this scheme with eclectic but more contemporary upholstered items like chairs and dewans, and you will have officially reached Millennial peak!

Bring in some Epic Prints

On the floors, cushions, wallpapers, bathroom tiles, kitchen walls, bed linen – make the chosen prints bold and mixed. Rope in kilims, dhurries, rugs, heavy quilts, and some spots of fur (faux please!) in a variety of motifs, be it Navajo or ancient Chinese or Turkish, to spruce up a room. Be careful though to not over-do it by bringing it all in together.

Make Opposites Fall in Love

Autumn looks well in a home where a bit of rustic charm and a bit of well-polished sheen live harmoniously. So think of matching rattan or cane furniture pieces like swings and ottomans, with some high-end leather sofa sets or wooden chairs and tables.

Make it Blue

Designers around the world are banking on blue and its many cousins like teal and cerulean to become the trendiest hue of this season, and possibly even of 2017. Include this colour on your drapes and curtains for maximum effect, and match it with some sprightly red, orange, or any citrus shade for a crackling combination.

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