Between Spaces Architects

Between Spaces Architects

BetweenSpaces is an architecture firm founded in 2010. We operate from our own studio in Bangalore, which has won us the IA&B Young Designers Award 2016 in the Architecture category and NDTV Design and Architecture Awards 2015 for office interior category. The studio interior also won IIID Anchor Awards 2015 for small office category.

Our work is an expression of our beliefs. We believe Architecture is about conversation, a dialogue between spaces. Between Spaces could be bricks in the wall, the mortar between bricks, glass, water, light or even air. Between Spaces defines the street between houses, the fence between the buildings, the stairs between floors, the space between walls, the wall between rooms, the threshold or even a fold between pages. The making of these spaces and something between spaces through simple strategies of orientation, scale, volume, proportion, spatial and material manipulations and manipulation of light to get these unique spaces forms the core of our practice.

As architects, we endeavour to create buildings that are respectable and responsible, are cost effective and makes living comfortable and gratifying. As much as the practice loves to explore these intimate spaces and work on construction details, it also has its interest in how the building sits on the site and interacts with the street and its surrounding. We enjoy working with certain materials; bricks, concrete, wood, metal, light and air but our design evolves as a response to a clear understanding of our client’s requirements and aspirations. We question, we debate and analyse the brief to come up with ideas which are unique and native to the context.

We refrain ourselves from any stylistic approach to a project and like to keep it simple. In all our works, irrespective of the size and nature, we endeavour to achieve a balance between ever changing, pluralistic milieu and the rich traditions we are rooted to. The search is for a contemporary expression with a soul deeply embedded in traditional sensibilities which could produce an architecture that belongs to its time and place.

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