P S Design

P S Design

PS DESIGN was established in 2009 as an Architectural and Interior Design studio. The studio is based at Mindspace in Malad, Mumbai. With a lot of work going on in the NCR, the studio has a back-office in New Delhi as well. The studio is spearheaded by Ex-Hafeez Architect Priyanka Pradeep. With a 9 years' experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design, Priyanka runs the practice with a staff of seven Architects. 

"LESS IS MORE" has been the frontrunner principle for the studio. This makes the studio non-commercialized when it comes to design, drawings and detailing standards. A no-surrogate-standards strategy makes sure that any rendered job is given equal priority and attention. The Studio believes in "Designing for the Client". No specific look or style is attributed to the firm. We create custom interiors for each client, conduction extensive research to fulfill each owners unique vision. Each project is brought to life by incorporation of extensive details and decor, creating properties that define luxury, elegance and an unforgettable impact.

The studio is involved in wide spectra of jobs pan India. From Housing to high end private residences, from corporate Office Buildings to Retail, P S Design is slowly making its place in the Indian market. The studio is slowly spreading its reach across the globe with few private residence interiors happening in London.

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