Rubel Dhuna Architects

Rubel Dhuna Architects

RDa is a Mumbai-based design practice established in 2009 by Ar.Rubel Dhuna 

The Workshop engages in projects across disciplines of architecture, interior-design, set and product design.  At RDa, the design process is initiated by carefully understanding the client’s requirements and matches it with their sensibilities. This makes every project unique at the same time reflects the ideologies of RDa. The key design considerations are: space optimization, sensitivity to natural elements, exploring effects of light, water and air, to the economy and beauty of construction materials bymeticulously modelling proportions of all elements that define the space. 

Each design solution is an expression explicit to the unique nature of the context. The crucial components of design such as material, texture, color and luminosity are constantly being investigated and applied either: 
-to express a brand’s retail environment. 
-to respond to the unique desires of a living space. 
-to establish a work culture for an office. 
-to enhance the experience of a furniture product.


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