Studio Amita Vikrant

Studio Amita Vikrant

SAV is an international contemporary architecture and design studio producing highly original and intra-disciplinary work.  

We see our studio as a platform to explore multiple curiosities between places, stories and cultures, as well as with systems, structures and spaces.

Our work is inspired from nature and its resourceful efficiency and complex beauty. Combining the aesthetic and materiality, advanced technology with craftsmanship and performance with pragmatism we work across scales and contexts to create designs that are evocative and extraordinary.  

Founded in 2011, our work has already grown across different continents and involves a wide range of project portfolio consisting of landscapes, highrises, facades, mixed use masterplans, hotels, resorts, private houses, interiors, installations, exhibitions, furniture and objects.

Our diverse team of design professionals that includes architects, designers, computational programmers and artisans has come from different parts of the world, ranging from the UK, US, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Israel, Dubai, Belgrade, India, China and Japan.

The different mix of cultures and people working and collaborating with us has enhanced our working methods and given us an incredible cultural and economic insight to create a strong foundation of design knowledge and skills.

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