Designing Work Spaces

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A work space that is designed to be employee friendly ensures that remarkably greater and better work is generated. These are some ways you can give a new look to your office.

A work space should ideally be designed to inspire, engage and encourage the employees to work. A well-designed office space enhances productivity. Here, we present a few ideas that can help you give an altogether new look to your work space.

A Dash of Colour: A combination of subtle and vibrant colours to the walls of the office space can magically transform it. Clean and inviting colours on the exterior walls of the office can also be opted for. You may also bring back the good old wood look to add warmth. Colourful furniture and office stationaries can also amazingly invigorate an office space.

Complementary Furniture: The kind of furniture that merges comfort with fun elements and is cost-effective at the same time is perfect for enlivening office spaces. Space saving and folding furniture would be economical. Nap pods and lounge areas that come with the assurance that employees feel ‘at home’ are trending work space design ideas.

Modern Design Elements: Corners are often the cosiest spaces that stay ignored. You may consider enlivening these by upgrading one of them to a compact coffee corner or by placing an elegant planter. A wall can be specifically allocated for fun, for instance a story wall can be created with multiple pictures and stick-on notes or a colouring-in wall can be created. Another option could be adding a live wall that can enhance indoor air quality and improve mental health by reducing stress at work. You may also add more organizers to the work desks of the employees so that the stationaries do not get clutters and wires remain hidden.

Lighting up at Work:  A well-lit work space creates an incredible impact on the level of energy that employees demonstrate at work. A window with a view can be another delightful option for lighting up the office. A refreshing new lighting design can change the look of an office like never before. With the advent of wall lamps, pendant lamps and floor lamps into office designs, the work area becomes a fun space where employees can feel motivated to work.

Whether you are seeking a renovation of your old office for starting up on a new work venture, a well-designed work place always ensures greater productivity and happy environment at work!

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