Double Duty

Living in a small apartment can throw a number of challenges whilst figuring out where to put all our stuff. What adds on to the problem is the unnecessary accumulation of unwanted belongings that probably haven’t come in use for years because we always like to believe that someday and in some way, they will find purpose again. And since living space is getting smaller and smaller, clutter is the last thing we need. If we look close enough into our own homes, we realize that we actually only use a small portion of our homes for our daily chores and the most part is used up for ‘storage’ purposes. Paring down on our belongings is the first step towards comfortable, convenient and easier living.

In the midst of all this, one can’t help but notice the growing need for multi-functional furniture. Just like cities build up vertically to accommodate the rising population, furnishing brands are applying the same concept to their products. Instead of spreading out, they now create storage and utility spaces that rise up, fold up and take the shape of two or more products.

For a majority of apartment dwellers, there is no luxury of separate rooms and each piece of furniture needs to serve multiple purposes. With some incredible innovations mixed with versatility and style, multi-functional furniture is clearly the future. Changing from day to night and adapting to meet your needs; such kind of advancements in furniture is an introduction into an efficient and streamlined world where one cannot use more space than one needs and thereby gives back to the community and its environment by thoughtful usage of space.

What cannot be denied is that sometimes passable versions of our furniture staples are sold with the tag and ‘promise’ of being multi-functional. But then again there are scenarios like this in the manufacturing business on a daily basis. Furniture companies are upping their game in terms of functionality. Gone are the days when beds with storage were the epitome of functionality. In today’s times, brands are focusing on foldable furniture that provides comfort as well as space when needed with the majority of attention focused on millennial and micro-apartments that cater to their needs without being too heavy in the pocket. From tables that unfold to take the shape of a bed and further fold in to stick into walls and coffee tables that extend to serve as a writing desk with an inbuilt sitting bench to chairs that expand as ladders- the possibilities are infinite.

Multi-purpose furniture has a transformational effect, one that is of utmost importance in an era where the economy, population and lack of space is at a constant hike.  However unconventional they may seem, it is essential to change the way we live in accordance with what is available and what is necessary.


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