Easy Make-Overs To Fun-Up Your Office

In more conservative times, a clean, clutter-free office was considered the ideal working space. Then Bohemian winds blew over, and some ‘studies’ started doing the rounds that, in fact, a messy work table is a great indicator of a creative mind.

How a work space looks is directly connected to what function its users serve – most creative firms and organisations prefer vibrant non-conformism in their offices, while more institutional and industrial set-ups lean towards the hyper-functional and low-frills end of the spectrum.

Whatever the tenor of the work that transpires in an office space, it is possible to initiate quick make-overs there, that too with the help of a few easily available elements.

The Organisation

The happy balance between old-style drabness and complete chaos is ‘messy chic’. It is possible to be organised in an office space with the area still looking a bit lived-in. Make sure the cabin/cubicle is dust-free, and maintain important papers and other office supplies in neat stacks and holders. But place these holders on colourful open shelves with some quirky knick-knacks punctuating their order. You could also stack up books in a corner on the floor, or pepper some low-rise chests or tables around, on which can lie an assortment of random items. The idea is to not lose sight of critical work things, but at the same time to create a more relaxed home-like vibe.

The Lamp

An eye-catching table-lamp can transform the look of an office, especially if it is small on floor space. For example – a shiny brass-coloured lamp, with an oversized shade, can pipe up even the drabbest of work-stations. Floor lamps have been quite in vogue in office design schemes, a lot of their drama coming from their curving or angular stems. Even a low-hanging spotlight lamp over the work table can add a dollop of whimsy to the office, as the possibilities of twisted, transparent, or colourful hanging wires or hooks becomes a possibility here.

The Plants

The most instant make-over your work station can ever experience will come courtesy potted plants. If your office space is blessed with a high ceiling, you could consider a magnificent plant like the fiddle-leaf fig, planted in big ceramic pots of any level of colour/pattern you like. In smaller spaces and on petite desks, a potted rubber plant can help bring in some gravitas. You can also try miniature plants, and placing them in a cluster in a corner.

The Wall

A statement wall in the office, either standing out due to a bold paint job or because of quirky accents like large mirrors, can help visually distinguish the work space, even if all the other elements in it conform to the expected.

The Rug

Bringing in a colourful, or a patterned rug is a good idea, especially if the office is monochrome and/or has a boring floor layout.

The Artwork  

You can express your individuality most effortlessly through the artwork you choose to display inside your office. Be it typographical font frames, or oil landscapes, or giant cut-outs of your favourite film characters, this is a chance to put a part of your personality quirk out in the open.

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