Etched In Stone

Be it furniture, accent pieces or landscape elements, stonework gives birth to subtle yet strong design aesthetics.

Stones have been used in architecture all over the world, right from pre-historic days. In India, it is the foundation of most civil construction and has slowly been entering the homes of people.

To make stonework more user-friendly and sustainable, Artemis Cast Stone uses dust and waste produced from mines and quarries while extracting stones. The studio then uses this waste to recreate sturdy stones in different shapes and forms. Secret ingredients are added to the dust to achieve desired strength, texture and colour.

Artemis Cast Stone is the first company in the country to use this cast stone technology to create high quality, eco-friendly architectural products. Be it furniture or lighting, landscaping elements or walls, the studio creates products that have zero impact in the environment.

The products are unique, light in weight and can be easily customised. They are low maintenance yet long lasting, and are affordable as well. Stones have a raw and interesting finish, and work wonders when used as jaali facades, planters or seating options.

“We are a group of engineers who are committed to create products that have zero impact on the environment. What you get is an array of eco-friendly architectural and interior decor products and landscaping elements made by using this waste quarry dust in any shape, size, colour or form,” Parshva Shah founder & product head, Artemis Cast Stone, says.

Artemis was born with the conviction that there already is enough raw material to create stone products and that there is no longer any need to wreck mountains, which leads to ecological imbalance.

Bakeri Group, one of the oldest real estate companies in India, has recently partnered with Artemis. Both the groups are known for their eco-friendly practices. The association is bound to encourage Artemis to create more outstanding stone products and become trendsetters in the market.


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