Casa Rio – Ep 7

The Casa Rio​ C​​lub​ House in Pallava has a certain light heartedness to it. Sitting within 200 acres it celebrates the uniqueness of Bombay through different ideas​ and architecture. This non-conformist space has been envisioned by Aniket Bhagwat ​of M/s Prabhakar​ B.​ ​​Bhagwat​ with interiors by Samira Rathod of SRDA.​

It features beautifully landscaped outdoor areas all usable and expertly planned. Detailed with inimitable qua​lities of ​Mumbai city it is a medley of chaos done with a​n underlying control​. From its British era railway station, to old Bollywood, the Port District and even the Parsi community, it is an assemblage of characters that come together brilliantly.​