Maya Somaiya Library | Sameep Padora and Associates

Sameep Padora and Associates create a library in rural Maharashtra inspired by the ancient building technique of the Catalan Tile Vaulting system. They enrich the science of this 200 year old Spanish vaulting system by using a pioneering form finding software created by the Block Research Group which allows them to express their building differently and better suit their program.

The structure is self supporting and built using three thin layers of brick tile meticulously layered at the time of construction. The library building is so much more than than just four walls and a roof. It is a building that takes cues from a methodology of the past and augments it with some of the latest technology of the present. More than a building this structure is a landscape that invites school children to climb on it, or walk under it and explore its cavernous volume. The Maya Somaiya Library building has many learnings attached to it and is an inspiration to the school children who occupy it. It pushes the boundaries of the way architecture is currently being practiced in India today.

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