The Kallam Anji Reddy Memorial – Ep11

The Kallam Anji Reddy Memorial in Hyderabad designed by ​​Sanjay Mohe pays homage to his life and contributions in the pharma industry. Lovingly placed under a grove of Gulmohar​ trees​, his ashes rest in a deep black granite void that elicits a deep sense of loss.

The​ Samadhi​ (memorial)​ is placed within a linear water body with a font overflowing at one end depicting ​the giving nature​ of Kallam Anji Reddy​ ​to society at large. Water has been used as the protagonist in this beautiful project given its ability to move, reflect, as well as evoke a feeling of tranquillity. Picturesque and green during the day, this whole space transforms into a magically lit cathedral at night – a glorious resting place for a man of great inspiration.