Frame Displays For The Picture Perfect Home

Family photos, art pieces or just random collection of images – whatever you decide to frame and hang up on the walls can help define your home’s style statement. Here’s how to get it just right.

Choose a spot

Behind the big sofa in the living room, the main bedroom wall, the wall spanning a veranda, the wall climbing beside the main staircase, the wall behind the work desk, or the work desk itself – where to create a photo frame display is a personal choice. You could even pick a dedicated big table in the living room to place the frames on.

Keep it uneven

In overall flow, a distinct display can be achieved by hanging the frames like tiles/bricks, or in a lattice form. You can also choose differently-shaped frames – square, oval, wide, rectangle – and create a tight collage with them. A careful clutter of frames, i.e., letting them overlap a bit while standing on an open shelf, is a trendy idea too.

However, if you like them more evenly-placed, a good trick is to choose frames dipped in a bold colour, like a blood red or a lemon yellow, and letting them hang against a contrasting wall, which could be anything from white to light green. Keep the arrangement even-spaced and an overall square for maximum effect. Another trick to distinguish a photo frame display is to choose multi-coloured inner backgrounds for the frames.


Family homes are never short of images of children and older members. Pepper these, framed and proper, on a chosen wall and make them more interesting by adding some personal touches like cutesy prints of butterflies or the heart sign on the frames. You could even include your kids’ doodles or handwritten scribbles on the frames as detailing.

Trace a journey

Talking about family, photo frames can help you trace the growth, landmarks, special occasions, and more connected to your special ones. Collect the relevant images and arrange them up sequentially to relate a great story!

Add some craft

DIY home décor items are all the vogue now because they let you pick eclectic items, show off your creative strength, and they don’t care about hyper-refinement all that much. Photo frames are DIY golden opportunities, so bring on the little decorative things like hand-made bows and craft stars and what have you, and paste them on to the frames or around/between the display. You could also create a board of photos, which means you can keep changing the display, or hang the photos in looping clusters, like beautiful clotheslines.

Create an ambience

You can do this primarily with the wall colour – mix and match with your frame hue and style. Around the display, you could place some plants on tall tables as highlights, or sneak in some open shelves so that the gloss and colour of the showpieces can provide a complement to the frames. Throw in a big heavy mirror at the centre, or pepper smaller ones around; hang up some masks or souvenirs in between; or mix in something random, like big frames of favourite actors or famous personalities – let your personal items enhance the effect of the display zone.

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