A Modern Aesthetic

Kanhai Gandhi Neemesh Shah And Shresth Kashyap


K. S. Associates were thrilled when their Gujarat-based clients opted for the modern design scheme they proposed– not only did it give them an opportunity to try their hand at a new look, but also implement ideas that had been latent. The clients were very clear that they wanted an austere and modern house that stood out from what is the norm. Architects Neemesh Shah, Kanhai Gandhi and Shresht Kashyap used modern forms and shapes, as well as materials such as glass, steel, acrylic and Corian to achieve just that. An overall palette of white infused with steel and plentiful use of glass maintains a sense of continuity throughout the apartment, with each room highlighted by a single colour.
Seating is kept to a minimum and colours are restricted to beiges and blacks to enhance the white and green aesthetic of the area. Even items of furniture such as the entertainment unit and centre tables stick to the colour and material palette. Light fixtures are largely hidden from view – either tucked away behind wall and ceiling panels, for an even wash of indirect light, or recessed in coloured niches that carefully echo the colour scheme of the room.