Contemporary Living

Kanhai Gandhi Neemesh Shah And Shresth Kashyap


Taking a residence and making a world of a difference to its interiors, KNS Architects recreate not just a space but a lifestyle. This apartment in Mumbai is blessed with a picture perfect location which made the task of designing its interiors all the more challenging. With a panoramic view of the sea from one end to an expansive prospect of the suburbs on another, this residence occupies the top floor of the building with a large terrace overhead. The client brief regarding the interior design was conversion of a five bedroom flat into a three bedroom one. This meant a lot of available space and freedom to experiment with various concepts in design. The living room and the three bedrooms designed by Kanhai Gandhi, Neemesh Shah and Shresht Kashyap are as diverse as different individuals can possibly be and yet there is a train of thought that unifies them… a thread of design, of elements and of materials.