Eclectic Ensconce

This bespoke residence at Pali Hill, Mumbai, is a perfect balance between the contemporary and the traditional Indian.

The residence at Pali Hill by architect Sumessh Menon Associates is an exclusive retreat for a family of 3. The 2,400 sq. ft. apartment is home to a pair of dogs as well.

A customised main door is made out of cut-veneer mosaic. The door handle stands as a focal point because of a semi-circular inlay of solid brass, delivering positive vibes of a rising sun.

A pattern similar to that of the entrance door is followed in the flooring that one walks up to while entering the home. The black and white pattern radiates and is complemented by back-lit white marble, delivering a three-dimensional effect in the passageway.

The entrance alley has a facetted ceiling crafted out of veneer that float in the form of triangular cut-outs through which light peeps in. The \'mandir\' has been treated as a décor piece with a special room at the entrance itself. The shutter has been crafted out of a sheet of solid wood, intricately cut into patterns that facilitate passage of light and air. The flooring is Colorado white marble.

The \'mandir\' room leads to a grand living room complemented by a veranda. The room has been abridged to include a lush green balcony garden. With fish-cut flooring designed in black-and-white Marquina marble, the balcony, with a vertical garden in its limits, reflects the green exteriors.

A vertical customised bar possesses a front door with a chamfered frame. The pivoted wooden shutters are adorned with mushroom handles, cast in brass. The living room is an amalgam of interesting seating spaces - carved in niches, donut chairs, a backless bench, a poufy set, and a wide-armed sofa set.

A unique 8-seater square table has a counter top with exotic veneer resin poured on top. The light fixture is a larger-than-life installation named \'Sky Garden\' by \'floss\'. A century-old Rajasthani \'jharokha\' elevates the dining room experience here.

The overhead window above the master bed jets out of the room, opening on pivot. The linear window is lined with a sitting, and the wardrobe is shuttered with cubical illusions. The master bathroom is comprised of four diverse Italian marbles, all in grey.

The child\'s bedroom features a stand-alone bed. Hexagonal tiles in blue and wood are the highlights of his bathroom.

The media room sports an art piece depicting the \'Godfather\', along with leather back-panelling and printed fabric. The acoustics of the room are balanced by the bamboo flooring. The powder room boasts of an onyx backlit bucket serving as the wash basin.

The home features a wide variety of materials, including copper, brass, mosaic, and wood, and technology such as customised inlay. “Tailored, modern and elegant; rough, sleek and bold. These terms broadly define the interiors by Sumessh Menon,” states the team.