Fusion At The Fore

Kanhai Gandhi Neemesh Shah And Shresth Kashyap


The apartment is designed to bring together the preferences of the family members spanning three generations.

In the busy area of central Mumbai, this 3,500 sq.ft apartment stands out as one of the tallest. With its terrace garden and warm interiors, the building’s penthouse is an exquisite amalgamation of modern and traditional themes.

When you have a family of six - husband and wife, their son, daughter, daughter-in- law and granddaughter - spanning three generations, individual preferences can be conflicting. The design of the house had to skilfully bring together the choices of its residents.

Kanhai Gandhi, an architect with the KNS team, says, “Each member  had diverse design and colour choices. So, the bedrooms retain individual styles but the common areas adopt a more neutral approach.”

Starting right from the elevator lobby, there is a mix-and-match theme. While the flooring has a simple and clean finish with Italian marble, the ornate black chandelier with prominent curves works in contrast. Minimalistic lines define the structure and design of the living and dining area. Armani brown marble flooring gives the space a warm feel.

The diamond-patterned wall panel in the dining space is made of acoustical fabric, which stretches to the top floor, ensuring a sense of continuity between the two levels.

A glamorous glass staircase connects to the upper floor. Kanhai says, “The use of glass makes it look like it is floating in thin air. A gap behind the staircase was created to position the chandelier from the top floor.”

Each of the four bedrooms has a unique character, but there are some common features that unite them. The marble flooring extends into each adjoining bathroom identifying them as one unit. The bathroom walls have a distinct herringbone-like pattern, varying in texture and colour based on the adjoining bedroom.

The master bedroom has neutral shades of white and brown indicating the choice of the older couple. In contrast, the son’s room makes a bold statement with concrete walls and black accents. The daughter’s room has a soft wine and white colour scheme paired with roses, motifs and mirrors and an ornate wall lamp. The grand-daughter’s bedroom, in soft pinks and blues, with a chessboard floor, has a fairytale-like quality.