Modern Meets Vintage

With its head floating in the clouds of modernism and feet rooted in retro instincts, architect Kavan Shah delivers a captivating blend of interiors. 

In his latest project, interestingly called ‘The X Hector’ house, located in Ville Parle, Mumbai, Shah explores a mandate to design a holistic interior for his clients with one overreaching goal – to integrate art and sculpture as effortlessly as possible.

In a city which addresses every inch as a debate, Shah tells us, “The only thing the client wanted was to make the house as open as possible. We wanted to make the apartment suitable for nowadays, thus we applied a continuous circulation that directly connects social and service areas to the most intimate spaces.” In order to achieve an open plan layout, the architectural team began by demolishing walls separating the entrance, living room and dining room. This helped to create a single large space. 

The main driver for the design scheme was of course simplicity. Shah explains, “We like the simplicity of the concrete structure and felt it would provide the ideal background for a minimalistic fit-out.” Exposed concrete walls smeared with cement give this contemporary apartment an undressed aesthetic. The concept behind the design stemmed from a spare and neutral palette used throughout the house. “We actually paid a lot of heed to the colours used inside the apartment. White, cement and terrazzo predominate giving us a neutral shell,” shares Shah. The consistent use of similar colours and materials throughout the house increases the space visually.  

“To offer an escape from the busy city, we chose simple finishes to evoke the peaceful and secluded feel of religious retreats,” informs Shah. While natural stone, cement, teakwood and marble reign supreme on the material palette, a play of patterns in the master bathroom and powder room show vestiges of the traditional era as they continue to mingle beautifully with modern and up-to-date fittings.