An Oasis Amidst Chaos

Sameer Balvally And Shilpa Jain Balvally


Breaking away from the hurried rhythm of Lower Parel, Mumbai, a quiet sanctuary in The World Towers welcomes one into a cosy cocoon of its own. While the residence, designed by Studio Osmosis, owns the unmistakeable stamp of luxury and style, it also surrenders to the surrounding nature and stays true to its fundamental purpose of serving as a home to its residents: a three-generation family.

The building’s curved design posed a challenge but also created an exciting premise for Sameer and Shilpa Balvally and their team of Studio Osmosis. In the living room, various design elements highlight this curved façade. The orientation of the furniture is inward facing towards the television, but the radial lines on the ceiling are a tribute to the non-linear shape. “The radial lines on the ceiling and the subsequent lighting design, serve to frame the outside view. These lines flow from the ceiling to the walls in a way that subtly pulls one’s attention to the windows and what lies beyond them,” says Balvally. 

Another space that exploits the apartment’s unique shape is the balcony abutting the entire apartment. Running along the curve of the living room, it functions as an outdoor bar area which is enhanced with a concrete counter top, clad with hand-painted ceramic tiles that mimic the colours of the sea. 

Various shades of blue, inspired by the beach and the skyline, render the home a serene vacation-like vibe, while also providing a seamless transition from one room to the other. Throughout, the background is kept neutral with mushroom shades only to be contrasted by colourful furniture pieces. 

“We wanted to maintain a delicate balance between using accent colours and not making the space feel too quirky,” shares Balvally. Each bedroom in this apartment has its own unique sensibilities, given that it caters to a different generation.

Art has a special place in this Mumbai apartment. The metal abstract wall art, custom-made with a local artist in Jodhpur, along with the temple cabinet neatly concealed behind a floral graphic artwork brighten up the living room. Designed by LivinArt, the cabinet is a curious mix of the traditional and the modern. 

For any onlooker, this apartment would be all about balance – mesmerising sea views that provoke introspection successfully balance the rooted subtlety of the interiors and humorous, modern art works balance the breath-taking luxury; additionally all the serenity inside competently balances the chaos of the city outside.