For Old Times’ Sake

Esha And Aashni Pandya


This bungalow in Ahmedabad has a remarkable straight lined look deeply influenced by the time of the British Raj.   

The design studio has retained the idea of dark flooring, but experimented with material finishes other than wood. Various combinations of black and white tiles and marbles, as well as vast meticulously knit rugs highlight the flooring of the house. In one of the bathrooms, a vanity unit with minimalist wood and granite detailing sits atop black and white tiled flooring with an Escher-like pattern.

The walls have been painted in light colours to provide a contrast for the furniture and flooring. Large floor-to-ceiling windows with dark wood frames, high ceilings clad with wooden rafters are remarkable.

The furniture layout in the family and entertainment areas has been designed to offer free movement. A cozy seating niche has been provided with a large wood and wicker armchair and ottoman. A sleek standing lamp finished in brass along with a fan painted in black and propped on a stark red tripod add to the quaintness of the space.

Situated at the front of the bungalow, the formal living room overlooks spacious green lawns. Characteristic of the British Colonial style, a deep verandah forms a buffer space between the indoor and outdoor, and acts as a comfortable shaded area to retire out in the sun. The verandah has been built around a tree that acts as the focus of this space. A large balcony overhead is supported by wooden pillars that have been intricately carved to mimic the form of the tree.

Locally woven wicker mats and pressed botanical art add to the ethnic flavour of the house. Items such as fine China crockery and silverware take the form of wall hangings and lend a delicate contrast to the more rustic wood and wicker finishes. Decorative showpieces carved by local artisans add to the vernacular aesthetic. Potted plants, ferns and palms scattered about the indoor areas and the verandahs bring life to the design. Wrought iron seating and side tables find their way into some of the outdoor spaces.