Picturesque Hermitage

Piyush Mehra and Priyanka Pradeep


Creating a pleasant synthesis of old world charm and avante garde, the aim was a timeless design!

The team of architects from P S Designs headed by Piyush Mehra and Priyanka Pradeep have created a marvellous design for the Mumbai residence. Modern pieces were combined with vintage and antique ones – the idea was to amalgamate the old world charm into modern pieces so the design is timeless. The brief shared was clear cut: The apartment needed to have European aesthetic. A lot of fabrics used were realised in India but spoke an international language.

The apartment, originally 2.5 BHK, was transformed into a two bedroom, where one room was combined as a part of the living room. The living room was designed in a way that one corner could be used as a study and the other as a dining. A subdued colour palette with white and beige shades dominates the home, while colour accents in terms of accessories, wallpapers and fabrics have been added in all the rooms.

All the four walls in the living room are treated differently, yet the underlying theme is same – to bind the whole space together. The feature wall is the most visually arresting aspect of the home – it is adorned with pieces sourced from across the globe. On the other hand, building the television wall was challenging as the idea was to create a backdrop which would hold the TV set, look unique in terms of texture and yet not clash with the feature wall next to it. They made a collage out of wood printing blocks of various shapes and sizes to form a backdrop and then painted them white.

The boudoirs follow a similar path as the living room, where the essence of the rooms are kept simple and white, while the pop of pink is incorporated in the master bedroom and pale yellows in the other one.