A Spatial Autobiography

Sarang and Shweta Patil


For an architect, designing their own office is no easy task. With a view to achieve an open office concept, the duo started by knocking down all internal walls of a 2BHK apartment. In fact, they even broke down the external walls bringing the outdoors inside. 

The studio has its indoor and outdoor spaces juxtaposed in a way that makes it merge into one and yet limit to its spatial definitions. As you enter the studio, you witness an old world charm that blends with the contemporary as a bare brick wall accentuated by spotlights, reminds you of quaint lanes and guides you in through the entrance passage or ‘Alley’ as the name goes. 

The abundant use of white on cabinets makes the space feel more airy. The directors’ cabin is predominated by a running expanse of glass windows along with shades of black and brown that keeps it looking formal and trendy.  

The conference room overlooks a small terrace. A small, self-sufficient pantry and toilet are tucked on the other side. In design lexicon, every room needs a pop of colour. The small conference table is surrounded by a team of three stark white chairs while the fourth is more playful dressed in a patchwork of patterns and colour. A rust wall defines the terrace as it complements its mosaic floor.

The toilet door is cleverly concealed by wall graffiti. The architects share, “The graffiti is basically Le Corbusier’s module which depicts the human scale and proportion. We had a granite platform, a toilet door and a table in front of the wall. The graffiti seamlessly blends all these.” If you take a closer look, you will notice a human figure sitting at the platform, another one reading a book that eventually forms the toilet door’s handle and one resting its arms on what is a switchboard.”

While the lighting is kept simple and modern, the ceiling is not free of innovation and design. A coloured cup fixture hanging down was last moment creativity. “The cups which are recycled act as covers for the lights; this fixture serves to introduce some colour over the waiting area,” explain the architects. The space is buzzing with personal touches. The frames on the brick wall are visible from every corner of the office. They voice quotes of famous architects and sport scenes of digital art that are close to the architects sentiments.