Sandstone Homage

The team from Architecture Discipline determinedly eschewed stereotypical forms and kitschy motifs but still succeeded in making Mana Ranakpur a perfect visual tribute to the rich environs of Udaipur.

This project perfectly captures the principles that Architecture Discipline holds dear. It embraces all the charms of its location, makes use of local materials and labour, puts in place many green features, and still manages to be a beautiful, contemporary structure that also meets all the expectations the client expressed to the team.

Mana Ranakpur is an elegant homage to its neighbours – a river, a well-known Jain temple, and an old haveli – and also to Udaipur in general. The abundance of sandstone and stone masonry work employed here keeps the spirit of the desert resonating through the hotel.

The aesthetics are kept up by rubber wood furniture, vinyl jaalis, roomy spaces, tons of natural light and air, many water features and glass jharokhas. Structural steel and trusses keep the structure solid, while rainwater harvesting and grey water irrigation seal its sustainability credentials.

Admittedly, the team led by Akshat Bhatt wanted to rise above kitschy, shallow representations of traditional Rajasthani motifs and build something more genuine and long-lasting. The team sure has succeeded, in impeccable style.