A Plot To Party

Aniket And Smruti Bhagwat


Landscape architecture firm, m/s Prabhakar Bhagwat and Associates, led by Aniket and Smruti Bhagwat, have turned a barren ground into a superb facility. Akash exudes a charming élan that creates a new typology in the hospitality industry. A long path flanked by a seamless water fall and dotted by trees takes you to a gilded receptacle, with a mixed sense of delight and anticipation. A luscious sea of two acres of impeccable grass is becalmed under a galaxy of stupendous lights that hang in the space above.
At Akash, architectural elements are stitched into a whole experience, like a quilt of finely embroidered ideas. Each idea is translated into an architectonic sculpture. The glass sculptures, the plethora of different illuminators, the gilded receptacle: each is crafted with inspiring detail, and juxtaposed in the entire space as delightful surprises. By the bold and the fearless expression that is uninfluenced by any known imagery, that blends craft into architecture, and combines landscape elements with architectural nuances, the Bhagwats have created a language that is clearly unique, to Indian contemporary architecture.