Inspired From Its Environs

Parvathi S. Rao


PSR Architecture Creates An Office Space That Resonates With The Company As A Whole.

The firm’s design approach is to blend the integrity of both the traditional and the modern while always ensuring the practical application of every design. They believe in creating socially adaptive and context driven designs and are trusted partners with their clients, adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards.

This 16,000 sq. ft. fourth-floor space overlooked Bengaluru’s central business district. The project brief called for the conversion of this research and development facility to a large corporate office. 

It began with the walls of the existing facility being completely removed at which time the area was re-evaluated and re-envisioned to make the office an open collaborative workspace.  Responding to the client brief, the workplace was designed and recreated to accommodate the 200+ employees in one space, which earlier operated from two different localities. 

The location and views played a pivotal role in the development of the building. The crafting of spaces incorporated adequate levels of artificial lighting and creating appropriate space for the workforce. A logical plan of movement and circulation governed the strategic positioning of the directors' cabins, boardroom, workstations, reception and waiting rooms. 

The meeting rooms were located adjacent to the reception space to ensure that visitors did not disturb the working of the office. The doors to the meeting rooms and cabins were frosted with a translucent film with the company logo to allow for privacy. Throughout, the cove lighting defined the walkways and corridor spaces which lead to various parts of the office. 

The interior colours were chosen to reflect the company brand. Adjoining the waiting room, a large landscape terrace allowed visitors and employees to take in the spectacular view of the central part of the city. The design focused on giving the office a bright, open feel availing of scenic views of the city while clearly defining specific designated areas.