Singing A Different Tune

Neelam Manjunath


Manasaram Architects has synergised indigenous material and technology to create their Bangalore office space called the Bamboo Symphony. Architect Neelam Manjunath based her core design idea for the new office space on traditional fishing platforms; these look haphazard but are in fact based on simple technology with high science.
The office is conch-shaped, one room flowing into another, curving into a gentle spiral that leads down to a pond. Criss-crossed bamboo sticks form one length of the spiral. It may appear that there is no method to the layout of the bamboo framework but it is in fact a precise matrix to ensure that the load is distributed homogenously while the exceptionally high tensile strength of the material used provides it adequate strength and stability.
There is no room for any doors or any windows in this design and the spaces created by the network of bamboo sticks bring the surrounding natural landscape indoors. The pre-fabricated concrete roof goes with the flow of the structure making it appear fluid, almost like fabric that has been wrapped over the bamboo beams.