Minnie Bhatt


Fable, as the name suggests, had to be about stories. Visually the space speaks fairytales, serenity and calm - with a white and pastel colour palette. The client\'s brief was to create an all-day cafe that was easy and unpretentious in its vibe, with few design elements that were unique to its name.
The flooring outside is of natural lime stone pavers, while inside colourful cement tiles greet you. Here you can spot a lamp made of books, a wall installation made with open tomes with an artwork sketched on it and clusters of fabric lamp shades suspended over the tables lending an easy charm to the space. By the entrance is even a little wishing well, taking you back in time to the days of bedtime stories.
The outdoor area has a wood fired oven towards the rear and an eclectic mix of chairs, benches and tables all finished in distressed pastel shades. The facade of the restaurant has been designed with old windows of different shapes and sizes beckoning you to enter a surreal space filled with fiction and stories.