Insurmountable Rhythm

Pa Pa Ya, the high energy, modern Pan Asian bistro from the House of Massive Restaurants has been stunningly designed by Sumessh Menon and his team of designers.

The external sculptural façade of Pa Pa Ya, Colaba is a single structure, composed of burgundy metal fins, in a louvered pattern. These fins wrap around the two sides of the restaurant and act like a metal curtain that opens out in certain specific places, allowing sufficient light to enter inside while lending privacy to the restaurant interiors. A striking metal main door adds to the intrigue of what lies beyond the walls.

The interior space is divided between the ground floor incorporating a bar area and a dining space, along with a mezzanine floor that continues with more intimate dining spaces. The ground floor also has a cozy sushi bar, which is unfailingly, a standard attraction in all Pa Pa Ya restaurants across the country.

Unique gold tinted cladding adds to the overall appeal of the double height wall on one side, and is reiterated on all window glazing. The stunning, one-of-its-kind elliptical bar counter, with unique Brazilian granite countertop, faceted mirror apron and parametric mirror clad composition is further highlighted by the brass metal inserts on the Bronze Armani flooring radiating outwards from the bar counter.

Mirrors have been ingeniously used in every nook and corner with parametric mirror clad walls, while the metal mullion cladding, backlit staircase and a custom, larger-than-life molecular polygonal light installation lends grandeur to the overall décor aesthetics. With polished stone, futuristic furniture designs and a stunning DJ counter, with chequered mirror cladding, the interiors are a dazzling combination of grandeur and elegance of a creative flair to Pa Pa Ya, Colaba!