Workout Wonderland

Kanhai Gandhi Neemesh Shah And Shresth Kashyap


‘Serendipity’ designed by Neemesh Shah’s team of K. S. Associates is an inimitably designed gym catering to the naval officers at NOFRA, Navy Nagar in Colaba, Mumbai. Originally a neglected parking area, this expanse of approximately 3000 sq. ft with its regular column-grid has been beautifully planned into a gymnasium overlooking the back waters. The client brief emphasised a dual operation: an outstandingly designed gym for the naval officers, the exterior façade of which could be used as a backdrop for the Annual Navy Ball. Flushed with ambient lighting by day and blue LEDs by night, the gym exudes the aura of a glitzy glass structure (within and without) in the midst of nature’s expanse - by land, sea and sky! In contrast to any other work-out set up, ‘Serendipity’ stands apart in terms of its ritzy ambience. The selected colour palette of blues and greens, the surging forms and globular patterns in sync with clouds, waves and droplets simulate the surroundings.