Trimmed To Perfection

Vikram Singh Solanki


The metrosexual man of today deserves an equally stylised salon experience. Style n Scissors, designed by Vikram Singh of Sutra Designs, is a shining example of masculinity-meet-fashion.

Vikram Singh, founder and head designer, Sutra Designs, recently worked on the men’s section of Style n Scissors’ Vaishali Nagar salon in Jaipur. The plan was to turn the 30x60 square feet space into a balanced monochrome palette with golden hues.

“The idea was to bring metallic gold into the purview of an all-man world. A check pattern on the floor, created with black granite and white marble surrounded by metallic gold, was bound to intrigue them,” Singh, who is also a product designer, says.

It is true that not many men would want to embrace metallic gold in their life. So, how did Singh make sure the colour tone was balanced? “I used pinewood in a distressed finish and threw some light on it. Thankfully, salons need lots of light. A closer look at the space will reveal how the wooden walls and wooden mirror frames trick you into believing that it is metal. Even the pillars in the middle of the hall are wooden,” he says.

According to him, the golden tone rose to fame when international designers embraced it on fashion runways about two years back.

Interestingly, Singh used elements such as civil pipes alongside the wall-art to give the space a more masculine touch. “Imagine a tired and sweaty spanner-wielding, super-handy chap coming to this space to get his mane shaped. The display of water pipes in black, the hand-painted motifs of beard, moustache and shaving kit items on the huge wall canvases are there to entertain and relax his nerves. I have friends telling me they want to grow a thick beard like the man on that wall,” smiles Singh, while twirling his big ‘stache. Rumours are the man on the wall is Singh himself.

Shaving tools from the men’s grooming kit have been hung on walls that face the clients. These Shadow Boxes have old pairs of scissors, combs, tongs, razors, trimmers and shaving brushes embedded in them.

With nearly 14 years of experience, Singh makes his projects are environment-friendly. No wonder that he used old pieces of furniture from local kabadiwalas for this salon.

The salon has a special, secret corner-the waiting legroom - with six bar stools around a round table made of mango wood.