Illuminating Character Into Spaces

Shady Ideas is a brand that creates special lights for special people. They have been making handmade lights by fusing reformed acrylic and handmade paper with accents of reclaimed wood and MDF. These materials create a spectacular lighting effect projecting the internal beauty of the paper and radiating a delicately warm and attractive atmosphere to both domestic and contract settings. Each lamp is finished with an eco-friendly, archival quality sealant that protects the colour texture of the paper, protecting it from dust and moisture. Shady Ideas is all about promoting sustainability while keeping up-to-date with current trends, styles and techniques.

It’s true that you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover but a good book cover will connect with people, and reveals the tone of the book better; the same way a good event poster attracts the intended crowd. Good design is honest and transparent.  Just like that, this brand takes inspiration from Bollywood clichés and religious idols to The Doors and The Beatles. Additionally, they warrant that all merchandise shipped by them will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year since shipment.

Shady ideas are a one-stop destination to bring out your full authenticity into your homes.

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