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Give your home that awe-inspiring industrial decor look with some simple additions to it!

Home decor is currently witnessing a revolution in the form of a new decor trend that essentially has an industrial edge. It involves the addition of such items of décor as salvaged objects and furnishings that generate an idea of old warehouses and industrial units achieved through weathered surfaces, exposed concrete, brick and pipes and rustic, rough and strong mechanical look. Here we present a few ideas that can help you achieve the much coveted industrial look for your home.

Light Up Industrially: If you have always been looking for lighting with an eloquent difference, industrial lighting is what you should ideally go for! The nautical lights, the metallic chandeliers, metal and wooden floor lamps and concrete pendant lamps can add a remarkable vintage character to your home.

Furnish With The Edge: A furnishing item with a metallic, minimalist look and yet strongly crafted to offer maximum utility qualifies as industrial furniture. Metallic bar stools, dining tables and chairs, old wood furniture and beds made of pipes and pellets make your home decor impressive.

Hang That Frame: You can add pictures that portray industrial set ups and framing and hanging them up on the wall can altogether transform your home. Frames portraying patent illustrations of various machines and industries are defining the latest trend in interior designing.

Rev Up The Kitchen: You can pep up your kitchen space by adding dramatic elements like metallic, wooden and welded bowls and salt and pepper shakers made out of bulbs. These items will give the industrial edge to your kitchen.

Knick Knacks: In addition to lighting, furniture and kitchenware, a host of home décor items can be used to create the industrial impact in a house. An industrial wine rack, a salvaged teakwood mail organizer or even concrete magnets can all add up to create a similar look.

The chief merit of industrial home decor is that it is ideal for designing small spaces with greater impact and can amazingly mingle spaces whilst intensifying them conveniently. Another merit is that it can be easily created with minimal detailing achieved with least efforts. With exposed brick and concrete walls, monochromatic interiors and unpolished flooring, creating an industrial look is not an arduous task. Moreover, this is also reasonable and economic so far as the pricing is concerned. This lets you experiment with your ideas even if you are not particularly well versed with interior designing and decor.

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