Interface® is the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of environmentally-responsible modular carpet for the commercial, institutional, and residential markets, and a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial broadloom. We were lucky to have toured a manufacturing facility of the InterfaceFLOR in Scherpenzeel, an hour’s drive on a picturesque highway from Amsterdam.

According to the company, at the heart of the product is its ability to recycle or “re-inyarnate” all nylon face fibre into a clean stream of recycled nylon. With this technology, InterfaceFLOR is aggressively recycling both its own as well as its competitors’ old carpets. The collection has the largest recycled content (as high as 72 per cent) among any carpets available.


In the production facility at xxxxxx we witnessed the implementation of sustainable production processes. Recycling of the yarns is an important step towards achieving sustainability by the company.In the manufacturing process, the nylon yarn, which is the most carbon intensive part of the carpet, and the backing of old carpet tiles can be separated and then recycled. Both commercial and residential carpets can be reclaimed; indeed only a small minority of carpets cannot be reclaimed in this way, whilst backing type and face fibre have no adverse impact on the technology. The material value of these two components is not compromised, and so they can be utilised for new products.  This brings InterfaceFLOR nearer to achieving closed-loop manufacturing, one of their governing principles.


Designed by David Oakey, the new Interface collection shows how beautiful recycled content can be – old dirty carpets transformed into sophisticated and appealing designs, debunking the myth that reclaimed and recycled cannot be beautiful. It is also a step towards the company’s Mission Zero promise to eliminate negative impact on the environment by 2020. Inspired by people’s instinctive love of nature – a science known as ‘Biophilia’ – nature is making its way into our urban environment,  Urban Retreat, is the newest collection of modular « green » carpet tiles, which designs and color palettes evoke natural stone, forest, savanna or grass.

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