Keeping It Edgy And Grunge

Rapchic is an online home décor destination that provides simplistic visual designs at minimal prices. The essence of their work is a perfect blend of contemporary design and raw earthly pieces giving it a generous fragment of uniqueness.

What makes Rapchic stand out is their ability to set design standards through simplicity – of form, space, material, detail and colour. The designs are abstract pieces that are simple yet significant. They focus on giving spaces a tendency to look intact and ingenious. Every product offered by them shows careful restraint and clean paring down of elements to achieve the essence of a well- conceived space.

A perfect amalgamation of rustic glamour and minimalistic functionality, their mantra is clear.

As the name itself suggest, their approach to design is uber chic never trying to be anything that it isn’t just like a mass produced piece of furniture shouldn’t try to look handcrafted. Their products range from dining tables, serving trays, coffee tables, folding chairs to lamps, towel hooks, planters and wine racks among others seamlessly created to be aesthetically pleasing.

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