Let The Wood Speak For Itself

When it comes to buying furniture for your home, nothing can replace wooden ones. Be it a chair, a table, a storage space or even an item of decor, woodwork has an everlasting and sophisticated appeal.

Solid Bench, a boutique carpentry studio, has been reviving this fine woodworking tradition in India, by adding new flavours to it. Inspired by Japanese tradition and the American crafts movement, the studio launched the LIVE EDGE Furniture Collection.

A tribute to nature, the collection is a celebration of the anisotropy of natural wood. The furniture pieces emerge out of the form defined by each individual tree. The work incorporates traditional joinery techniques, natural oil finishes and minimalistic designs, leading to the most exquisite products. By keeping the original feel and look of the wood intact, the furniture pieces are given a gorgeous natural look.

The woodworking studio of Solid Bench in Gurgaon gives shape to some of the most interesting furniture designs. From dining tables to bar stools, from lounge chairs to cabinets, each product is unique and can work as a focal design element.

One can place orders from the website, after which the delivery team of Solid Bench will inform you about the dispatch schedule and details. Since each piece is painstakingly and lovingly made, it may take one to four weeks for the product to be delivered. If you wish to see the product before buying, you can visit the workshop in Gurgaon, for which a pick-up and drop option is also available.

“For both the management and artisans at Solid Bench, furniture is an outcome. They put their faith on the idea that the tree defines form, and follow the holy grail of woodworking that believes in measuring twice but cutting once.

In a mass consumer dominated world of assembly line furniture, it is important that one keeps innovating to stay ahead. It is equally important to respect the trees and give each one a new life. The design team and craftsmen of Solid Bench, hence, incorporate the natural imperfections of wood into the furniture pieces. The studio works with sustainably harvested East Indian Rosewood, Teak and White Oak. Natural oils such as Tung and Linseed are used to highlight wooden grains.

The studio encourage customers to choose their own live edge slab to add that personal touch and witness the transformation of the tree into a piece of art. Every piece is an inspiration for your home.


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