Lighting Up Lives

Multipurpose Table Mats - Paper Teal-1008

Specializing in creating a wide range of lighting products, Craft Looks has a manufacturing unit that has the capacity to work with iron, brass, aluminium, wood, steel as well as glass. A team of trained designers burns the midnight oil – pun intended – to come up with unique and customized lighting ideas for every client. Craft Looks aims to be a single platform for all lighting needs.

Its catalogue includes lights for every purpose such as chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps, paper lamps, gate/post lamps, lanterns, tea lights, Moroccan lights, garden lights, street lights and floodlights. Apart from this, the team also dabbles in wall decorative such as artworks and mirrors, and furniture pieces such as stools, chairs, tables and wardrobes. Its products are supplied to over 200 countries around the world. The main sectors it caters to are importers, interior companies, showrooms, project contractors and special retail clients. Interestingly, Craft Looks recently worked with Bollywood for the lighting design of a movie.

Most of the company’s products are available in varying sizes, colours as well as finishes. Further, each piece boasts of a unique fixing/mounting detail and joinery details. This ensures that customers have a sufficiently large array of options to choose from. The team believes that each individual deserves a unique and perfect fit for his/her home. Apart from products made out of a single homogenous material, the designers enjoy experimenting with combinations of materials such as metal lampshades with wooden stands, fabric lampshades with metal stands, etc. In terms of the type of lighting, they work with all kinds be it LED, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or high intensity discharge. This selection depends on the purpose of the lighting system.

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