Metallic In Nature

The Design Forge is the creative venture of Rupali, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (Jaipur), who embarked her journey into the world of design in 2010 when she began working with numerous design studios and export houses. Her prime area of interest is metal and intends to indulge in big scale projects with time and experience. Having specialised in product design, she loves the whole process right from inception and creating the product to delivery and installation. Her love for exploring and experimenting with different materials made her experience in this field enriching.

The studio offers a fresh approach using brass in innovative ways, to create one of a kind items, this allows it to play with form and texture. Each object is handcrafted and no two creations are alike.

Located in the farms of Rajokari village, The Design Forge supplies a diverse range of products inspired and kindled beyond any accustomed imagination. Delicate vases, lamps, custom made metallic trees, platters and tea light holders to name a few are the kind of products offered by them.

The brand’s forte lies in making custom-made wares. No matter what the size is, each object is treated as nothing less than an exquisite work of art with outright importance given to quality

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