The studio of Pepe Hey Koop based in Amsterdam works with a Netherlands based NGO called Tiny Miracles Foundation in India to create products using the waste leather. They create these products using services of a community called “Pardesi” based in Mumbai. They have mobilized around 700 people from the community to create these products and thus giving them employment opportunities. The NGO has been involved in bettering the life of these people.


The products developed by the Studio Pepe Hey Koop with the NGO were displayed at Dutch Design Week 2012 at Eindhoven. The leather scrap pieces are used to create interesting products such as Lamps, Flower Vases. The most interesting product out of the whole collection was the Mutka Flower vase. It uses the old steel Muktas of the people based in the community as the base over which the scrap leather pieces are joined together to form flower vases. The technique looks very similar to the patch work. The product looks very interesting and is really well finished and detailed. The NGO has been able to train the “Pardesi’ community successfully to make these vases. The best part is that the product uses very simple technique, thus making it very easy for the people to develop them.


Some of the other products developed by the Studio Pepe Hey Koop using the scarp leather pieces were very interesting like the flat packaged Lamp, the dressing table which uses the old furniture piece covered with leather scrap to name a few.

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