Ode To The Chair

After leaving a nine-year long career in the maritime industry, if there was one thing that Aradhana was sure of, it was that she wanted to move away from all things corporate. In the summer of 2015, limón was born with an aspiration to be different. “Pop goes the ordinary. These are designs for happiness,” says Aradhana.

Her debut collection, ‘Ode to the Chair’, takes classic silhouettes and personalizes them with unique and refreshing details. The result? A chair for any occasion. Whether its lounging or daydreaming, conversing or conspiring, strategizing or contemplating, limón promises to have your back.The catalogue has four products namely The Wingback, The Club, The Accent and The Slipper. Due to the inherent characteristics of wood with respect to the shade of colour and the pattern of grain, no two pieces are alike.

Aradhana’s experience in Warwick Business School, and then in Dubai and Singapore as an oil freight trader brings a fresh look and perspective to her work. Based in New Delhi, her studio cleverly marries diverse elements to put together wonderful pieces of furniture. The art of dressing a home is something she has always loved and her passion is visibly evident in the designs she creates.

Her friends often seek advice from her on how to add an interesting touch to their otherwise mundane apartments. Aradhana mixes just the right proportions of colour, texture, pattern and ethnic charm to enliven their homes.  She makes it a point to keep ahead of the prevalent design trends while constantly experimenting with her own aesthetic inclinations. Her work has been featured in several domestic as well as international publications.

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