Prefab By Penda

Architectural firm Penda has formulated a novel pre-fabricated scheme for a building project in Vijayawada.

The general view of pre-fabricated structures is of mass produced similarity. However Beijing-based design firm Penda looks to change this preconception with its most recent undertaking for a real estate venture in Vijayawada.

Penda attempted to utilize cutting edge development methods to bring back a level of independence and adaptability for the occupants of this high-rise structure being developed by Pooja Craftred Homes.

Using a modular shelf, the structural grid and the infrastructure are the only common components in the building. This system can then be loaded with pre-assembled modules, which the home-owner can select from a catalogue! The modules range from various floors, to facade components, to railings etc. By picking their own particular components, the developers are now able to offer a home buyers a level of customization that has rarely been seen before.

The architectural firm Penda also has included a very efficient grey water supply system that gathers water from the rooftop and reuses it for watering the plants on the balconies. They also have used air-purifying plants along the facade. The building also has a constant airflow through its open hallways increasing natural ventilation and reducing dependence on air-conditioning.


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