Style, No Bar

Yes Minister, Essex Farms for Rat Lab Interiors

Style, No Bar

Type: Restos, Bars & Wellness

Firm:Rat Lab Interiors

Photo Credits:Yes Minister, Essex Farms for Rat Lab Interiors

rat[LAB]INTERIORS’s vision for Yes Minister Bowling Bar & Kitchen by Essex Farms in New Delhi involves inter-connected, fluid spaces that are equal parts fun, edgy, and artfully elegant.

Located at 4, Aurobindo Marg, ‘Yes Minister’ was previously a sports area and activity centre marked as a kids-friendly zone inside the Essex Farms complex. The place had been previously built in part to suit the changing times and local needs of the Essex Farms complex and to be a functional Sports Bar and Activity Diner.

The 8,000 sq. ft. site required complete refurbishment, that too bound by time and operational constraints. The primary site concerns to be solved included technical aspects such as water seepage from external walls and a temporary roof structure which was looked into critically before the spatial design of internal areas could be looked into.

A programmatic restructuring was carried out to re-activate the space based on the client’s vision as well as pragmatic needs. New areas and zones include a new island bar, a bull ride, and smoking room, among other multi-functional zones designed around various sport and gaming activities.

Multiple levels have been created to incorporate visual distinctions, dividing the vastness of the area. Computational Spatial Analysis is being carried out to support the planning based on movement and visibility of people in the space.

The bowling alley stands many steps lower, while the bar is set in a central area on a raised platform. The table activities and the circular bull ride is planned to be on the same level while the DJ overlooks from a podium above. Circulation and placement of the various dining areas is based on their view from the bar.

New elements attempt to conceal the existing details with the help of richly-toned furnishings, surface panelling and customised industrial light fixtures. The existing flooring pattern and the air-conditioning vents remain subtle, with additional geometric elements added to the palette.

Paddle bar-stools and other furniture pieces made from old metal and wood leftovers highlight the industrial and sporty theme of the bustling bar and diner. Furniture was custom-made to fit the theme and site conditions. The lighting scheme has been designed in accordance to desired gaming conditions, comprising of soft spotlights, wall lamps, down-lighters and indirect illumination fixtures. Artwork from the interior space extends to the outdoors, where a flexible seating area is planned.

Projector screens and LED screens throughout the restaurant add to the sense of animated movement inside, helped along by the high-decibel audio systems.