In Vogue With The Times

Drupad Shukla for Architects At Work

In Vogue With The Times

Type: Restos, Bars & Wellness

Firm:Cetati Design

Photo Credits:Drupad Shukla for Architects At Work

This space embraces all the aspects of a modern cozy space and is distinctly modern in its avatar.

The Cherish Spa and salon in Himmatnagar is a refurbish center which seeks to provide their clients nothing but relaxation and leisure. The owners of The Cherish house were very much determined that they want a very uniquely designed building which would stand out in the administrative headquarters the taluka, Himmatnagar. As the holders of this property wished to merge the rehabilitation area with their home, the architects very strategically sketched the plan of this Spa-Salon Center cum Home.

The outline of this edifice was formulated in a way that it utilizes maximum land and has ample ventilation facilities. The entire structure consists of four floors, each floor dedicated to services and their habitat. There were a few restrictions regarding the amount of area available to construct the building was less, but it was taken care of and was modeled with a certain technique which did not compromise with the functionality of the space.

The outer side was mounted with window slits which would give them required seclusion from eye level where it can let in natural daylight. The facade being developed in a unique way from all the sides gives enough light and ventilation to the building and it doesn’t seem congested even on the inside. As the back side faces east, it is kept open for fresh air ventilation, the west side is rather subjected to natural sunlight which causes absorption of heat, but it is treated with the fabrication of metal framing and a large scale louvered screen which lets daylight in and obstructs heat. The front façade is cladded with waterfall effect slate stones to differentiate the mass from the rest of the building.

With a building so huge they had to take care of services and communication circulation. It was significant for the owners to be connected to all places at one time. To suffice this necessity they created a space with center foyer, where all the doors, stairs and lifts fall in the central foyer. This made the horizontal and vertical circulation much easier and approachable.

Building this structure was a task in itself because the designers had to take care of accessibility and functionality. With none of them jeopardized they managed to fashion a space where every requirement of the owner is fulfilled.

Working on the project, designers wanted to maximally integrate the spa into the habitat environment. As a result, they created an area where simplicity and functionality prevails. Here aesthetics and accessibility are at the forefront, and nothing distracts from a good rest.