Spectacular Endeavour

Located in the Dubai Mall, the new Apple Mall has a pivotal location. The Dubai Mall is one of the most popular urban centres in the world. The store can be accessed directly from this mall. Based on a traditional Arabic mashrabiya, the mall has a projected bay window enclosed by decorative wood crafted screens.

The shop has an 186 feet sweeping terrace and overlooks the very majestic tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, thus offering a spectacular view to the visitor. The shaded terrace features nine trees set in rotating planters which ensures that the sunlight is evenly distributed. Moreover, seating is provided within this space that allows visitors to sit and relax. One can also catch a glimpse of the picturesque Dubai fountain from the store.

The mall is a testimony of Apple’s vision to create inspiring civic spaces. Additionally, there are solar wings, absolute combinations of kinetic art and engineering that provide a shading solution to external façade of the building and give it an awe-inspiring look at the same time. They also create some remarkably beautiful patterns of light and shadow when the sunlight streams in through them.

The Avenue located in the lower level beside the trees is an exclusive display area of the store. This is going to be the first Apple store that will launch a new masterclass programme, to offer training in photography, film-making and various other skills.

As an architectural marvel that combines design excellence with social interaction, the new Apple Mall created by Foster + Partners exemplifies magnificence and grandeur in essence and spirit.

Photo Courtesy: Archdaily –  www.archdaily.com

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